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It Saves to be Organized
You can save money by sending updates in a logical, thorough and orderly fashion. The more time or thought you put into sending your update the less time we will have to.

Save by Grouping
You can also save by sending updates or changes all at once apposed to spreading them out through the day. Clients who have used this method have saved up to 40% on their bill.


Shasta Marketing Privacy Policy

Shasta Marketing Policy and Recommended Procedure

We work hard to earn and maintain our clients trust while providing the best possible service available. Our competitive rates, fast turn-around time and low billing increments are just some of the ways we continue to satisfy our clients across the U.S.

Shasta Marketing Policy topics cover how we work, bill, and how to contact us for updates and or new projects along with ways to save money on site updates and changes.

How Often We Bill:
We have two billing cycles. One for web hosting and one for new design/updates.

  • Web site hosting and shopping cart fees are billed quarterly. hosting bills are sent out on these dates: january 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st
  • New Design and/or Site Updates are billed monthly. These bills are sent out on the 1st of each month.

What is Billable Time:
Billable time is time spent working on a client project, this could be new design or updates. We bill for any time we spend working on a project with these exceptions:

  • We do not bill for time we spend discussing a new project or for the initial consultation or proposal.
  • We do not bill for the initial reading of an email updates or changes, but may end up billing to decipher confusing emails once we've begun working on the update. The client can save money by sending logical and thorough messages in an orderly fashion. The more time or thought the client puts into it the less time we have to. The client can also save by sending updates or changes all at once apposed to spreading them out through the day.
  • We do not bill for time spent fixing OUR mistakes. Mistakes do happen and if we at Shasta Marketing are responsible we will fix any problem free of charge to the client.
  • We do not bill for time spent discussing invoices or billing.

Billing Increments:
At Shasta Marketing we bill in 15 minute increments. This means if we receive an update that takes 1 minute we have the right to bill for 15 minutes. It is best for the client to group their updates or changes and send them all at once. In some instances if we receive multiple small updates through the day we will either perform the work through out the day and group them together under one 15 minute time period or gather them and wait until the end of the day to perform the work all at once thus billing the client for less time.

Consulting Charges:
We do not charge for Original or Intermittent Consultation. One the web project is complete future phone, email or face-to-face consultation is subject to our current consultation rates. Like maintenance/updates consultation is billed in 15 minute increments and invoiced monthly.

Training Charges:
We bill for training unless otherwise agreed upon. Training consists of time we spend explaining how to run and/or perform tasks using third party software.

How to Email Updates or Content:
We only accept updates via email. Send all email updates to

How to Send Images or Files:
We can receive images and files in many formats and by many methods of delivery.

The digital image formats we can usually open are: jpg, png, psd, pdf, eps, cdr, ai, tif, gif, and dxf. We can also receive physical photographs. When sending images we recommend that the client sends digital files which usually are higher quality and will save the client money in image handling.

When delivering images clients can send CDs, DVDs or emails. If sending files via email the maximum combined file size should be under 4 mb attached to the email. Though you may be able to send larger files it is not recommended. Emails with attachments that are too large may bog down email servers and sometimes be lost completely.

Do not send file folders. Send files only. If you want to send an entire folder you can use software such as WINZIP to compress the folder and create a zip file. Mac users can use Stuff It to perform the same task.

Domain Registration
Shasta Marketing will be happy to help you find and register your company's domain name. Some popular domain registrar services are and Your domain is your company's asset and Shasta Marketing does not take any responsibility in renewing your domain. It is your responsibility to know when you need to renew your domain. If you

Retainers and Proposals
All new projects require a 50% retainer based on a Written proposal. Proposals are created by estimating the time it will take to complete a project. The estimation is not final or binding. The actual cost of the project is based on the billable time accrued up to the completion of the project. The final bill may be more or less than the proposal. During the coarse of the project if it appears the final cost will be more than the proposal the client will be notified and the costs will be discussed.

Delinquent Payments
Delinquent payments are subject to a late fee. Payments are to be made within 15 days of invoice.  All unpaid balances shall accrue interest at 1 ½% per month. See your agreement for specific details on your late fees.

Site Update Turn Around Time
We offer 24 hour turn around time on all small to moderate sized updates. We do not offer 24 hour turn around on new design, site redesign and/or any major site adjustment. Major site adjustments or changes that require new design may require a new project estimate and agreement.


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